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Catholic WebQuests

Catholic WebQuests

What is a WebQuest?

A WebQuest is an online, inquiry-based activity that is designed to use the learners’ time well and to focus on using information rather than looking for it. WebQuests also encourage problem-solving, creative thinking, and develops cooperative learning in students.

Why use a WebQuest?
A WebQuest is a simple way of integrating technology into the study of religion. Teachers get a complete package of instructions, website links, supplementary worksheets, and a grading rubric.

Catholic WebQuests Organized by Grade Level

Catholic WebQuests: A Description of Each WebQuest Is Below

Grades: K-3

The Eucharist WebQuest

Students will explore the Eucharist as a celebration of what Jesus did at the Last Supper. They will understand that the Mass is a meal and a sacrifice, as well as write their own prayer to God about the celebration of the Eucharist. It is a great introduction to preparing students for the sacrament of receiving their first Holy Communion.
Level: Grades K-3

Creation WebQuest
In the beginning, when God was making everything, he made animals. All kinds of animals; big and little, short and tall, smooth and fluffy. He gave each one a special way to walk and talk. Students will be able to identify that God is a loving Creator and He is the creator of everything.
Level: Grades K-2

Happy Birthday Jesus WebQuest

Students will explore the real Christmas story of the birth of Jesus. From the Annunciation of Mary to the visiting of the Wise Men in Bethlehem, students will grow in their understanding of why His birth is important in our lives. The WebQuest is filled with interesting and intriguing websites, and finishes with students planning a ‘Happy Birthday” party for Jesus.
Level: Grades K-3

The Apostles Creed WebQuest

This WebQuest guides students through each section of the Apostles Creed with websites that develop a deeper understanding of this important prayer of the Church. Students will also be able to create their own faith Creed using a downloadable template and present a short talk to the class.
Level: Grades K-3

Lent: The Road to Easter WebQuest
Students will learn that Lent is a time for preparation, and understand the significance of Ash Wednesday.
With their own Road Map of Lent, students will discover how forgiveness, charity and faith can help them participate in the sacrifice of Jesus. Also included in the WebQuest is a downloadable Lenten Worksheet for students to explore how they can prepare their hearts for Easter.
Level: Grades K-3

Easter: Jesus is Alive! WebQuest
Jesus is alive! This is good news. Jesus rose from the dead and at Easter we remember His death and resurrection. With the help of ‘Chirpy the Easter chick’, students will follow the events of Easter – beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter Sunday. The sites integrated into the WebQuest will encourage students to understand that Jesus died on the cross, rose again, and lives in our hearts. There is a downloadable “Jesus is Alive” worksheet for group or individual work.
Level: Grades K-3

Grades: 4-5

The Parables WebQuest
Students will use this WebQuest to assess the style and message of the Parables of Jesus. In this online adventure, students will discover the following Parables: The Sower, The Good Samaritan, The Talents, and the Sermon on the Mount. They will use the Parables of Jesus to create a Powerpoint presentation for class viewing.
Grade: 4-5

Saints WebQuest

Students can complete the WebQuest individually or in groups. Students travel back in time to gather information about the process of becoming a Saint, and learn about one Saint of their own choice. With this information they then write a paper to present to the class.
Level: Grade 4-6

The 10 Commandments WebQuest

Students will be able to identify the Ten Commandments and give a real life example of One Commandment.
Level: Grades 3-5

The Miracles of Jesus
Students take on the role of a super Sleuth and explore the many miracles that Jesus performed. They will discover the importance of each miracle, as a sign that Jesus was God. Students use the information gained from the WebQuest to write and design a front page of a newspaper entitled “Jesus performs Miracles”!
Level: Grades 3-5

Holy Week
The Easter Triduum is the greatest celebration of the Church year. It is during these days that we remember Jesus’ passing from death to new life. The Triduum begins on Holy Thursday and ends on the evening of Easter Sunday. Students will enter a time-travel machine and go back to the last three days of Jesus’ life. They will observe the events of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, and create an Easter Triduum presentation to share with classmates.
Level: Grades 4-5

Grades: 6-8

Psalms WebQuest
Students will work in pairs and interpret the meaning of a chosen psalm. Then, they will take that meaning and create a rap with similar meaning. Students will also create a poster to ensure their classmates understand the meaning of their psalm. Pairs will present their poster and rap to the class. After all pairs have presented, the class will have explored the four major types of psalms. This quest is a great tool for deeper understanding of psalms in addition to a play on their rhythmic nature by bringing in a fun contemporary form of music.
Level: Grades 6-8

Old vs. New Testament WebQuest

Students will work in teams and explore the major differences between the Old and New Testaments. They will research through the Bible and find biblical scripture as support of the differences found. Students will then compare and contrast the differences to find a deeper meaning. After researching, students will present their findings to the class with a poster of their findings. This quest is a great tool in giving students a better understanding of the entire Bible.
Level: Grades 6-8

Investigating the Apostles WebQuest

Students will work in groups and explore the teachings and amazing works of the apostles. Students will be able to search in their Bible books or online versions for the evidence to show how much the apostles accomplished. Then, students will present their findings to their classmates in a variety of forms. Students are encouraged to explore in depth the many options of presentation in this quest. This WebQuest is a great tool to help students research the apostles using their Bibles and present their findings in a creative and fun way.
Level: Grades 6-8

Catholic High School Search WebQuest
Students will work in teams and explore the best Catholic High Schools in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties. They will find the most important information about each school. The class will work together to teach each other about all the schools in a PowerPoint presentation. This quest is meant to help students decide which high school will best meet their needs. Hence, it is most beneficial for seventh and eighth graders. This WebQuest is a great tool for middle school students ready to choose a high school, but are unsure because of the many choices.
Level: Grades 6-8

Comparative Religions

Students will work in groups and explore eight of the world’s major religions with this WebQuest. They will get a chance to research these religions and then compare them to Catholicism. They will also present this knowledge to their classmates with either the creation of a pamphlet or website. This WebQuest is great for teaching understanding and tolerance of the differences in the world.
Level: Grades 6-8

The Sacraments WebQuest

Students will explore the seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church, and prepare a Powerpoint presentation of their findings. They will visit websites that include information on how the Sacraments of Initiation, of Healing, and of Service are Church community celebrations that call us to share the love of God with others.
Grade: 6-8

Wisdom Literature WebQuest
Students will examine Old Testament Literature and take a close look at how it is useful in our everyday Christian life. The students will produce a diorama showing what wisdom is, a mini-book detailing the qualities of wisdom in the Old Testament, and detailed exhibits supporting their findings.
Level: Grades 6-8

Martin Luther King WebQuest
Students will examine the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and explore how he applied the Gospel values in the pursuit of social justice. Students will plan, write, and present a short TV show explaining how respect is the key to overcoming injustices, and how we can respond to unjust situations in our own lives.
Level: Grades 6-8

Rosary WebQuest

Students will understand why prayer is an important part of the daily life of a Catholic and distinguish the mysteries of the Rosary. Included are downloadable worksheets and several fascinating websites to help students write, design and present a PowerPoint presentation about the Rosary to share with classmates.
Level: Grade 6-8

Stations of the Cross WebQuest

Students will discover the origins of the Stations of the Cross and explore the themes associated with each station. Included in the WebQuest is a downloadable Discussion Questions Worksheet suitable for group work. The Act of Contrition is also explored, allowing students to understand the suffering of Jesus, and develop a greater understanding of how His death is important in our lives.
Level: Grades 6-8

Fruits of the Spirit WebQuest
Students will explore the Fruits of the Spirit. They will be able to play an online game, complete a worksheet reviewing information about the Fruits of the Spirit, and see how they are relevant in daily life. Stories summarizing Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Meekness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Kindness and Self Control are included.
Level: Grades 6-8


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